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Dry Cat Food Choices

  • Hello all! What do you feed your kitties? I think we've tried all the different brands by now! I like the nutritional value of Cat’s Meal and the price is good, too! Has anyone else tried it? Thoughts?
  • I have never bought Cat’s Meal, but I have just looked at the label. The ingredients in the canned cat food look good. It is probably better to have canned food as main meals and dry as snacks for your cats. Dry food contains a lot of carbohydrates that aren't necessary for cats. I have done extensive research on dry food; I have even talked to many cat nutritionists.

Breaking his collar

  • Hi everyone! I have a 7 month old dog that has broken 2 leather collars and 2 nylon collars. He pulls on his lead and breaks them. Does anyone have any recommendations for a strong collar for my dog? I don't really want to put him on a harness, but I'm running out of other options. Thanks for the help.
  • The best thing you could do here is to train your dog not to pull. There are many books available to help you do this yourself (pick one that uses non-violent training methods). If you don’t feel up to this yourself you could get a professional to help you (your vet could recommend someone).